Child’s Play in the Time of Trump

Child's Play in the Time of Trump

This body of work expresses the growing anxiety and sadness I feel about our current administration. They reveal a disturbing sense of madness, displacement, and doom in reaction to the behavior of the President, his staff and advisors, and the Good Old Boy behavior of our representatives in Congress. I chose to people the images with dolls, in part because they introduce ambiguity. Dolls, like clowns, can have a creepy connotation, yet they bring to mind the innocence of childhood.

[img src=]Dancing with the Stars
[img src=]Fractal Flies
[img src=]Dragonfly Girl
[img src=]Butterfly Boy
[img src=]Surprise Visit
[img src=]Portrait of a Lady
[img src=]Historical Blindness
[img src=]Peacock Girl
[img src=]Gorgon's Delight
[img src=]Wrong Time, Wrong Place
[img src=]Glory Gates